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(Baguettes and More)

We’re all about fresh, flavoursome food that will tantalise your taste buds and satiate your cravings for the ultimate meal!

Choose from freshly-baked white or brown baguettes, delicious tortilla wraps, healthy salads, melt-in-your-mouth jacket potatoes and more. Load it with premium fillings of your choice and wash it down with our fantastic selection of refreshing cold drinks and smoothies, decadent frappes, speciality teas and the finest coffees.

We take the guessing out of your lunch by keeping it simple. Our baguettes come in three easy-to-choose sizes: Small, Medium and Mega, and no matter what filling you choose, the price remains the same!!!

If you feel the need to indulge, upgrade to a combo meal with the addition of a snack (cookie, crisps or fruit) and a hot or cold drink. All served by our attentive, courteous and friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere. Using only the best of ingredients, Baguettes and More offers you better quality and greater taste.

“Taste More with Baguettes and More!”

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